Friday, April 29, 2016


Screenshot: Some new UI tweaks.

Thank you

Thank you to all who have tested the ALPHA release, the ALPHA ISO will be removed from the download directory and replaced with the shiny-new BETA ISO! Also thank everyone for their patience while I work through this. If only WeakNet Labs made money, I'd be able to hire people to help me and we would get more work done! Please keep in mind that this is a BETA release and is still under heavy development. This release was stalled for a number of reasons:
  • Assembly Programming with NASM (x86) book is still being revised and edited.
  • The new GitHUB repo has a full tutorial on how to create your OWN version of WT7!
  • New UI elements. I created a lot of new UI elements, including:
    • A custom, updateable-via-daemon Weather info app into Conky!
    • The FBRun app now allows you to specify if you want the app ran in the terminal!
    • Updated the VMWare Tools for the new ISO.
    • New ISOLINUX boot image and VesaMenu com32 file!
    • Updated the Dark WT7 Fluxbox theme.
    • Updated the OS and apps
    • Compiled my own version of VLC for all media playing in WT7
  • Oh, and I lost my work. So, I had to learn all about how to make a new file system from a SquashFS, then how to create a new ISO from scratch, which all works well but ultimately resulted in the new GitHUB repo for Debian customization scripts.
  • WARCARRIER's new home was updated and the GitHUB repo was also updated with my code updates. It's running smoothly in the WT7 BETA ISO.
  • Car trouble, camping, DOOM and Mirror's Edge, and other various reasons for delays happened as well.
Again, thank you all for using Weakerthan Linux 7 ALPHA and testing it for me! I hope the BETA exceeds your expectations!

Screenshot: Look at that new ISOLINUX splash and config! Whoo!

I am still in the process of updating tools and thank you for all the comments. I do suggest learning more about David Kennedy's Penetration Tester's Framework, which I do have installed in /pwnt/toolbox/ptf. It is also accessible from the FluxBox menu under Penetration Testing->Add More Tools.

Screenshot: WARCARRIER running a Bluetooth spectrum analyzer in WT7.

Screenshot: Full screen image in VMWare

I made the weather icons, dock image and icons, wallpapers, music, Fluxbox theme, WARCARRIER and other random InfoSec related applications, Weather app, and even the scripts to process the ISO and to even install the ISO myself. If you like the work, please consider a donation or drop me a line on LinkedIn!


WT7 BETA ISO File: 1.6GB ISO File.
WT7 BETA MD5 File: MD5 file for checksum of downloaded ISO.


Friday, April 8, 2016


I have made some updates to the WARCARRIER application and an official page for it here at home - WARCARRIER at WeakNet Labs. So take some time and read about why it was made and what it does if you into #infosec and #wifi. I also made a new HQ video demonstration on the new page but you will need a browser capable of HTML5 to play it or download it.

This seems to be a project that I just can't keep my hands off of of the past few years. This particular application uses the Airodump-NG 802.11 protocol analyzer's CSV output, GPSD's gpspipe, and Dragorn's spectools_raw for the Ubertooth One to create a paneled dashboard for Wardriving. I have written my own 802.11 protocol analyzer script in Perl and I wrote a tutorial on how to do it in C Programming, but Airodump-NG seems to be the accessible 802.11 wheel that doesn't need to be re-invented. Though, the Libpcap library for C is a beautiful tool for dissecting packets, so someday soon I'm sure I'll revisit the idea.


Monday, April 4, 2016

WEAKERTHAN LINUX 7 "Elite" Alpha Now Available!

This ISO release is in ALPHA phase of testing. This release is built from Debian Stretch (bleeding edge) which may cause some issues. I am currently working on the installer script so you cannot install this release from the menu yet. This is Linux version 4.3 i686 pae with FluxBox and top-heavy with information security, programming and reverse engineering tools. Well, it will be once completed.

I redid the UI completely and even made a new FluxBox theme. Hey! Check out the "Thank you" app I always put in the menu, it has the song "Resist" from my "Heterodyne" EP! :)

Please download it and run it in VMWare Player. If you find any errors (not missing tools, I am currently working on those and all of your requests), please let me know in the comments below or via email! weaknetlabs[at]gmail[dot]com Try the Google Drive ISO link first. It should have less issues and save some of my bandwidth!

ISO - Google Drive Mirror:
MD5 - Google Drive Mirror:

ISO - Local Host:
MD5 - Local Host:

Thank you!