Thursday, July 23, 2015



Dark, darkness, deep, cave-like hacker dark, dark, and more darken darkness in WEAKERTHAN Linux 6 than you have ever seen! I mean, Laurel Caverns can't even come close. This Linux is so dark and flat that it will keep your eyes glued to the beautiful screen while hacking the planet.

I got some feedback about how the darker themes in WT6 where preferred. I want Weakerthan Linux 6 to be your preferred penetration testing ISO over any other. I want WT6 to be slim, sleek, fast, and sexy. I have minimal-ized and flattened images and themes to keep them tiny. So, please, pretty please keep emailing me the comments and suggestions! Or just post them here! Thank you all for the feedback so far!

Chrome Tools

I have fully tested and added/removed more tools for web application penetration testing into Google Chrome. In fact, I have also added some experimental hacking features and even dark themes for not only web pages (I mean ALL web pages will be dark like you see in the screenshot above), but even a dark theme to the developer tools! You can easily dsiable this if it is not working correctly by hitting this button in the browser bar:

 I also fixed the issue about downloading files to the /root/Downloads directory by simply making the /home/weaknet/Downloads file a symbolic link to it and made it writable by the user "weaknet". This allows me to run Chrome a s a non-root user in the /root directory transparently. If you'd like to see some great videos on web penetration testing using Google Chrome in WEAKERTHAN Linux 6, please check out the YouTube playlist I made for the Capture the Flag challenge (2) offered by

Application Optimizations

I have optimized almost all GUI applications to use the sexy Ubuntu font. I honestly have to say, that after all the years that I used Ubuntu, the only things that truly were memorable about it was Googling for error strings and the sexy font. So, in WT6 I have taken all of the Googling guesswork and troubleshooting out for you, and added the only thing that Ubuntu could make right; the font. I have darkened editors, debuggers, and even as you see above - Wireshark. So yeah, I have squashed a boat-load of (behind the scenes) bugs since the last release candidate!

I have also added all of your suggestions for tools and added a few of my own as well. So take some time to browse through the Fluxbox menu that I made to check them out! I added G0tmi1k's Metasploit Payload Creator application. Also the Penetration Tester's Framework is now installed by default, and the configuration is set to install the tools into /pwnt/ptf/tools/ so you can easily install any tools that you need using that tool!


I am an artist. I have been since I was a child. In fact, I was just hired to illustrate a book! So, these updates will become less... #beastmode in nature. At least for a month or two. Which, now that I am thinking of it, also pushes the enrollment date back for WeakNet Academy. Sorry, I couldn't turn the offer down. Anyways, please check out the different Fluxbox themes that I made and the wallpaper selection as well.


Here are the links to download the newest ISO. I will be removing the old ISOs from the local repository to replace them with this.

ISO: wt6_beta_07222015.iso
MD5: wt6_beta_07222015.iso.md5

Thank you!

Thank you for trying WEAKERTHAN Linux. It's been 8 long years of WeakNet Labs to come to this project and I feel like it's the best thing that I have put together since then. Thank you all for following me on sites, sending emails, comments, tweets, etc.

How's that for a weekly update? :)

Monday, July 20, 2015

BlizzyB Wallpaper Art

I have created a new artistic rendition of the BlizzyB!

The BlizzyB Wallpaper click for higher resolution, click below for full resolution!

Click on the image to see a larger version and you can download the 1920x1280 version at


Thursday, July 16, 2015

SpinnyB Wallpaper

As a simple throw-back post, I'd like to share a wallpaper that I have designed that showcases my very own Spinny Blue Box design. This is the newest default wallpaper in next RC release of Weakerthan Linux 6.

Throwback to my old SpinnyB. Click this image for a higher resolution and for full resolution click the link below to my indexed images.

My Images directory is now indexable BTW in case anyone needs any of my images: