Wednesday, April 25, 2018

WeakNet LINUX Update #6 - HUGE

Updating Your VMs

This update could not have come at a sooner time! :) If you have an installed VM, I highly recommend deleting it from disk and start anew. I mean, that's the beauty of virtualization, amirite? But, some won't like that, and if you are one of those folks, just a warning - you may have to run the updater tool from the command line as so,


Thank you @Yas3r for the report on this issue. What I did was, retroactively went back through the previous updates, 1-5, and fixed some of the bugs there too. That's why I recommend doing this update from version 1. I have tested this update process, starting from 1 and going to 6, 4 times now and I have not hit any snags. If the OS updater tool that I made fails, it will not write the current version to your FS in /etc/wnl/version and thus can be executed again. This was done purposefully for those with unstable internet connections, etc.

Theme and UI Changes

The Theme was completely revamped for the UI. I structured it better and made things slightly smaller for screens with higher DPI. Alos, the bigger menu padding and window buttons accommodate touch screens a lot nicer. After running this update, you will also have to run, Desktop Menu->UI Config->Restart UI for the new UI to take effect. I am unsure how to do this programmatically using Fluxbox without killing it and couldn't find good documentation on it. Here is a close up image of the new Menu Theme,

You can click on any image above to view it in full size.

Change/Update Log

The updates include the following,
  • GetMalIPData (WeakNetLabs / GitHUB)
  • GoPhish Phishing Framework (GitHUB)
    • Startup script (WeakNetLabs)
  • Flasm
  • Random BUG fixes for dependencies
  • Binwalk
  • Radare2
  • Crunch
  • Vulners-Agent (GitHUB)
    • WeakNet Labs start-vulners script
  • VNC Viewer
  • IRSSI Startup Script
  • MITMF (GitHUB)
  • Removed menu referenece to "Bulk Extractor" as it is broken.
  • Credgrap_IE_EDGE PS1/Post exploitation script (GitHUB).
  • Frida (Reverse Engineering / Info Sec Tools) (PIP).
  • Credking (GitHUB)
  • tInfoLeak (GitHUB)
  • Bandit Python Secure Code Analysis Tool (PIP)
  • Slack Communication Tool (
  • UI updates
    • Icons
    • Theme
    • Pixmaps
    • Menu
    • Updated Power Management Application
  • HUGE amount of BUG fixes!!

Thank you for your Support

The amount and utility of resources that I pack into these updates is crucial to WeakNet LINUX's success. Now, with that being said, I need to hear from more of you all about new tools, tools that you use every day for Information Security related tasks, and UI/UX suggestions to keep this project on top and of the highest quality. I am currently working on a few other small projects in my GitHUB as well that I want to integrate into the distribution's updates, including tools that I use / require on a daily basis as an information security engineer.

I am only one single dude on this entire project and I have little free time lately. So, please, if you enjoy the project - be patient with me and consider writing reviews online or telling your colleagues and hacker friends where this distribution lies among the rest for penetration testing! The only thing I ask in return is simply spreading the word of this OS so we can gather even more feedback and build it even better in updates, ISO, or future releases!

I really want to make a new splash page for WeakNet LINUX and remove the downloads and pages from this web blog site as soon as I can. I will be hosting the pages myself and it will have a stronger, more professional presence with goals, missions, etc outlined in a much clearer manner. So, stay tuned to my FaceBook and Twitter feeds (can be found on the right nav bar here) if not already for those upcoming updates!


Monday, April 2, 2018

WeakNet LINUX 8 - Update #4

Pentest with the Deep Ones after the newest update to WeakNet LINUX!

This update is ALL about digital forensics! The tool updates are:

1. GDB installation
2. NASM installation
3. Payloads All the Things (GitHUB)
4. PWNGitManager (GitHUB)
5. Th3inspector (GitHUB)
6. Grip (PIP)
  a. Custom Grip script (WeakNetLabs)
7. S3 Bucket Scanner (GitHUB)
  -- 8. -- REMOVED ezXSS (Broken as of 3.26.2018)
8. The SleuthKit (GitHUB)
  a. libewf_64bit
  b. afflib0, afflib-dev (Debian APM)
  c. MagicRescue (Debian APM)
9. Volatility (
10. Bulk Extractor
11. ExifTool (
12. Xplico (
  a. libmysqlclient20
13. wFuzz
14. Commix (GitHUB)
15. dirsearch (GitHUB)
16. Hashcat (
17. DNSRecon (GitHUB)
18. SecList (GitHUB)
19. Dislocker (GitHUB)
20. NetData (
21. VMWare Tools reconfigure and BUG fixes
22. XProbe2

If you want to see something really cool, check out Administration->NetData in the Desktop menu! A special thanks to @Yas3r for pentesting tool suggestions! The Deep Ones wallpaper is art I have made for my upcoming board game, "Madness & Beyond."


Thursday, March 1, 2018

WeakNet LINUX 8 Update and Setup Tutorial

Today, I found a BUG in the installer - which I have updated in GitHUB - that was destroyinig the amd64 Debian kernel. All updates are not versioned in GitHUB - with exception to the update scripts themselves per-rev which live here on my server. The updater tool simply checks the version and updates the OS using my server scripts. Please download the new ISO in the LINUX page before following along with the video tutorial. If you'd like to see new tools in the WIP rev2 update, please comment here, or on FaceBook.

Thanks! ~Douglas