Thursday, March 1, 2018

WeakNet LINUX 8 Update and Setup Tutorial

Today, I found a BUG in the installer - which I have updated in GitHUB - that was destroyinig the amd64 Debian kernel. All updates are not versioned in GitHUB - with exception to the update scripts themselves per-rev which live here on my server. The updater tool simply checks the version and updates the OS using my server scripts. Please download the new ISO in the LINUX page before following along with the video tutorial. If you'd like to see new tools in the WIP rev2 update, please comment here, or on FaceBook.

Thanks! ~Douglas

Monday, February 19, 2018

WeakNet LINUX 8 CAFFEINE (x64)

Today I can finally release the latest WeakNet LINUX Debian release, Caffeine x64, confidently after spending a lot of time testing and retesting the ISO, my updater tools, and even my own installer and app launcher. Please make sure to run the ISO in a virtual environment (Download VMWare Player from my site) or from a USB drive (install using Rufus). I do have VMWare tools installed for changing the resolution, sharing clipboards, and mounting shared drives. I cannot stress this enough as I cannot commit time to hardware/UEFI/BIOS Debian/hardware issues for every kind of machine. The ISO is made using my own custom Debian ISO creation process which I use the hybrid ISO options for booting for UEFI and for USB using the ISO itself.

Also, there is already a new update for the ISO in place and ready. My update scripts are now located and versioned at GitHUB. The updater script will pull down the latest source before running each time and run from /usr/share/wnl. You will need to keep the terminal window open during the duration of the updates as some questions/ input will be asked by services such as postgresql for the Armitage installer.

To download a copy to give it a test-run, hit up my new WeakNet LINUX page here.

If you come across any impassable / functional issues, or if you require any special hardware's firmware added into the live ISO, please send me an email!

Thank you! ~Douglas

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Digital Credential Analysis (Mathematical Analysis)

Digital Credential Analysis (Mathematical Analysis)

Here is a new document for the analysis of Digital Credential Analysis (passwords mainly) strength for both penetration testers and system's analysts/devOps/sysOps. This idea can be applied to cracking passwords or even deciding on a solid password policy for your organization.

If I have any errors, please let me know and I'll correct them and give credit in the updated document.

Free Music Track as a "Thank You"

Here is a song titled "1985" that I made a while back for my album "Unsolved Mysteries" that you all can check out on

Thank you for support WeakNet Labs!