Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Digital Credential Analysis (Mathematical Analysis)

Digital Credential Analysis (Mathematical Analysis)

Here is a new document for the analysis of Digital Credential Analysis (passwords mainly) strength for both penetration testers and system's analysts/devOps/sysOps. This idea can be applied to cracking passwords or even deciding on a solid password policy for your organization.

If I have any errors, please let me know and I'll correct them and give credit in the updated document.

Free Music Track as a "Thank You"

Here is a song titled "1985" that I made a while back for my album "Unsolved Mysteries" that you all can check out on

Thank you for support WeakNet Labs! 

Friday, March 3, 2017

Notes from the Cyber War Front - Alper Başaran

I received a book in the mail at my office by someone whom I had inspired!

It had a friendly note tucked neatly inside and an acknowledgment was printed in the book itself, along with one of my own, all-time, inspirations - John Draper (WikiPedia),

"Notes from the Cyber War Front" (Amazon) by Alper Başaran (LinkedIn).
It's in Turkish and, unfortunately, I can't read it. I will have to eagerly await for the English translated/electronic version. Honestly, though, I was taken aback by this unbelievable surprise. Thank YOU Alper Başaran! I certainly wish your book a far greater success than my own! :D
  • Title: Siber Savas Cephesinden Notlar (Turkish) Paperback – 2016
  • Paperback
  • Publisher: Arion Basim Yayin (2016)
  • Language: Turkish
  • ISBN-10: 6059366023
  • ISBN-13: 978-6059366021


Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Welcome 2017 - WeakerThan LINUX 8 (x86_64)

Hello, and Happy Birthday to me. WeakNet Labs turned 10 years old today. I started up this idea at the end of January of 2007. My goal was to produce software and security theory results, practice, and testing for communications. Back then, my "lab" was a bit "dated", but none-the-less, a happy place. The name "WeakNet" came from how weak my hardware and network was at the time - now it's non-existent to myself and primarily colo or VM. I only added "Labs" after I started getting hardware in the mail from followers of my YouTube and friends at As the years moved on, so did my hardware, resources and free time. These days, I focus primarily on WeakNet Academy course materials and WeakerThan LINUX releases and updates.

In the last ten years, I consider WNL's best work and accomplishments to be whatever I am currently working on. So, it's a good morale to feel as though it's always moving forward. Also, over the years, by biggest request seems to be for a 64 bit version of WeakerThan LINUX. So I decided to work through and out all of the impediments and kinks in my scripts for constructing the ISOs to support 64 bit Debian LINUX. Here is a working (ALPHA) result teaser with a completely updated UI that I plan on releasing as ALPHA in the near future.

WeakerThan LINUX 8 will be the standard and supported version of the OS and it's UI upon release - which I don't have a date yet for, so stay tuned to my Twitter! Since it's 64bit, I can include cool open source software into the ISO, like Google Chrome and GitHub's Atom editor. (Also, I am ALWAYS taking suggestions and input for included tools via email!) The theme is based off of a new theme that I had made for another side project that I am currently Working on; a security information and event monitor (SIEM) for Apache2 web-based attacks and exploit attempts and analysis called LAAVA Analytics:

This is a mobile-friendly, MVC/JS/WS written web-based application which takes Apache2 log data directly from MySQL and using several JS libraries creates charts, maps, and has a lot of cool functionality built right into it for record keeping, reporting, and monitoring purposes. I even coded and built-in my own resource gathering tool for the Tor check service exhoneraTor.

LAAVA - Log Access And Vulnerability Analysis Tool. There is no release date for this tool. It started out as a proof of concept and then got so involved that it became a project that I wanted to use for a paid service from WeakNet Labs. The details involved in such an endeavor, as one could imagine, are not without requiring a bucket the volume of an ocean. And, it seems, things that are large, cost lots of money. So, taking on this project alone - along with WeakerThan LINUX and WeakNet Academy has made my production a lot slower than usual over the last year or so.

I am also currently writing the sequel to RAIDING the Wireless Empire when I find the time and inspiration. Also, I have a book on Assembly Programming with NASM (X86) from my WeakNet Academy course material that is edited and ready but was stalled from a wicked illness that I endured - probably the worst of my lifetime thus far. In fact, my wife calls 2016 "the year of the sinus infection." So, yeah, welcome 2017. Please be nicer to me that 2016 was!? I just completed the Certified ScrumMaster training and exam, so I plan on breaking all of these projects down by priority and into smaller pieces to work more efficiently on them. Apparently one of the reasons of my slow progress for releases is my inability to multitask! ;)

Anyways, thank you for all the feedback, support and donations over the years.

It's a long and winding road.