Tuesday, June 30, 2015

WEAKERTHAN Linux 6 BETA 2 Release


As promised, WT6 BETA 2 is now available to the public! You can download a copy from my own personal server (80211.ninja) from the Weakerthan Page in this weblog.

Screenshot of Weakerthan 6 BETA 2
Weakerthan 6 BETA 1 screenshot

Weakerthan BETA 1 screenshot
Please, if you test the ISO and have any suggestions, recommendations for features, etc, let me know! Email me, or reply directly to this post! Below are some features and development updates,
  • Added VirtualBox Guest installation for drivers (click to drag to change screen  resolution!)
  • Went a little top-heavy on the Reverse Engineering/Programmer setup (inspired by the work of ro0ted :) His/Her tutorials are awesome! 
  • Added Vim themes and customized the Vim Run-time for NASM/Assembly
  • Customized my own Fluxbox theme, icons, wbar, and wallpapers
  • Removed custom Linux (kernel) for ease of use for newcomers to Linux
  • Compiled from source almost all penetration testing tools and debugging software
  • Created my own UX/UI applications for Fluxbox
  • Created my own Fluxbox menu and set Gnome-Terminal as preferred console - Also added functionality to change wallpaper directly from the Fluxbox menu
  • Customized and updated all of my own penetration testing softwares including WARCARRIER, WifiCake-NG, and the pWeb web application penetration testing suite
These are mostly UX/UI customization and work. Also, please keep in mid when suggestion tools to be added, that with open source software a lot of preexisting tools may already do what you are looking for, just from a different perspective (the terminal) :)


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Penetration Testing with Perl

I was recently made aware that David Farrell from Perl Tricks is reading my book Penetration Testing with Perl, and writing the code as he goes along (while refactoring, and probably making it more readable). So, if you cannot afford the publisher's ridiculous prices, you can still download all the code from his GitHUB page! Thank you David!


  1. It is very nice as usual. It is fast, clean and have many interesting softwares. Good work Douglas!! You are THE MAN!

  2. Hi, Thanks For awesome work.
    I just downloaded this version (first time) and can't make dual boot install with usb. I write with Win32DiskImager-0.9.5-binary but it can't access boot. (already i install KaliLinux with same method.) Can u provide any instruction for me???

    Thanks in advance.. :)

    1. Sorry, my internet connection here is kinda spotty, so if this is a duplicate, I apologize. Anyways, sorry that you are having issues! can you verify that your download was not corrupted using the MD5 file? Also, can you tets the ISO in VM software, such as VMWare or VirtualBox (preferred)? What is the error you see? does the device not boot at all, does it not show WT6 as a boot option? Does it show it but fail to boot? I found the author's website for the tool you are using, Win32DiskImager-0.9.5-binary and they state they have some issues with USB devices: http://sourceforge.net/projects/win32diskimager/support?source=navbar Please let me know!

  3. Douglas Hello I have a great idea that you can add to weakerthan to do it the best and strongest Pentest distro that wogole was formed. My idea is, for example VirtualBox GUI and the two images whonix whonix workstation and gateway combined with the browser and it's all built in an ISO weakerthan from immediately after installation or in live mode available and ready to work to maximize anonymous create a work environment. I know that the iso image to weakerthan increased but in my opinion warto.Moja Another suggestion is also embedding and klijenta OpenVPN server with the addition of some gui gui bar or make a menu for openvp, track, vidalia, privoxy, polipo, I2P, squid, proxy glype, whonix, all in one menu and configured on-example, adding a second browser where just one click reboots openvpn-squid anomizer-privoxy-polipo-I2P-proxy glype-whonix- track vidalia My next suggestion is the added ability to mount disks, partitions only zapisu.Kolejna read-only suggestion is to add a simplified mozliosci chroot us to a different system using gui programu.jest a few suggestion demanding job probably adding their contribution does not depend on me greet