Monday, August 17, 2015

WEAKERTHAN Linux 6 BETA rc8.17 Released!


You spoke and I have listened.. again! :)

  • Added WiFi Drivers
  • More tools and domain hacking tools as per requests
  • UI/UX changes as per requests


ISO file (1644650496 bytes) wt6_beta_08172015.iso
MD5 file (56 bytes) wt6_beta_08172015.iso.md5

I will be removing the older RC files today. Thanks for choosing WT6 and PLEASE submit comments, advice, suggestions, etc! This ISO is for YOU after all! :)


  1. Thanks again for this awesome distro. You said you don't get any funding? I would suggest a donation page or some way to get funding. I want this distro to become as popular as the lame Kali Linux distro. And you deserve something for all your hard work. You're awesome man. Mad respect for ya'.

  2. Crap, poo, shiza...
    Commented on a different section.
    Great work, looks good, and thank you for the dedication, determination on this project.
    You took our suggestions, added what was needed, and voila...
    I travel a bit, and want to encrypt this drive.
    I would like to see the ability to encrypt during install so I don't have to go back and re-install. Installed the system, and figured I could encrypt afterwards, and that is currently not the case(or I am a HUGE idiot!).
    Again, thank you.