Thursday, August 20, 2015

Weakerthan Linux 6 Updates!

Ask, and ye shall receive!

Well, I recently read that "the bar for penetration testing distributions was just raised" so I figured I should step it up a notch and just add everything you guys have requested and more. I even went so far as to create a new icon for Armitage,

  1. Bettercap
  2. Browser Exploitation Framework
  3. Exploit-database
  4. Google Chrome - updates, plugins, and menu for Disabling XSS Auditor
    1. EFF Privacy Badger Plugin Added
      1. Been using this for a while now and am a big fan! :)
    2. Browser UI Experiments enabled and Zero Dark Matrix UI theme for Developer Tools added

  1. Fang md5 cracker
  2. CredCrack
  3. Updated all GIT tools and Debian system upgraded
  4. Added Armitage && Armitage icon to the dock for quick access
  5. FluxBox menu reconfigured and rearranged
    1. I kept the installer out of the main menu for a reason; it stays there when you install the OS and is annoying
The Fluxbox menu can be edited easily right from the menu itself. Just click Personalization->Customize WT6->Fluxbox Customization->Fluxbox Menu

This is no longer BETA. I will release fresh ISOs each month from now on, so please check back for updates! We are now starting with WT6.8.2

Thank you!

I hope you enjoy! 


  1. I've found a small bug. The command for MSG Snarf, on the wt6menu, says "gnome-temrinal..."

  2. Can this be installed on a USB flash drive and used as a live OS?

  3. Great dist.. Very impressed.. I have a small question though.. Im running it in Vbox and want to install it on the VHD. As you said in a post above you left the installer out of the boot menu cus it just stays there.. Can you tell me how much space it will take to install it straight from disk without any updates, and is there a way of knowing when the install to hard disk has finished.. Because if it just stays there how do i know when its done.. Id use it as a live install but i prefer to update the tools and when i run the apt-get update/upgrade it takes a very/very long time to update everything so i cant be doing it every time i want to use it..
    But generally I really like the gui and desktop, very sleek and stylish setup..

  4. I meant that the "install weakerth4n" menu option stayed in the main menu after installation. The installer works perfectly fine and will tell you when the installation has completed. The installation for wt6 is about 16GB on disk. The last time I installed it to a VHD I just used 20GB which worked fine for my needs (testing). I hope this helps. Thanks for the support!