Monday, September 14, 2015

September Weakerthan Linux 6 Update Release

September is Here!

Updates to Weakerthan Linux 6

GoTTY - Added for Red Team/Terminal sharing during penetration testing
GeoTweet - Added for Social Engineering / OSINT
VLC - Compiled and added to easily play media files
Transmute - added for word list generation for Aircrack-NG, cowpatty, John the Ripper, etc
UX - The UX has been upgraded after lots of testing
menu fixes - fixed issues from submissions
OSINT submenu for Open Source Intelligence tools
Red team submenu - with GoTTY and Armitage
Sounds - Added sounds to the keyboard shortcuts
Help! added to the menu with a lot of simple descriptions,

Keyboard Shortcuts

  • Google Chrome - CTRL+ALT+g
  • Terminal - CTRL+ALT+t (or ALT+F1)
  • Wireshark - CTRL+ALT+w
  • Armitage - CTRL+ALT+a
  • MSFconsole - CTRL+ALT+e
  • Network Interfaces - CTRL+ALT+i
  • Network Manager (WiCd) - CTRL+ALT+n
  • Power options - Windows key+p
  • Logout of Fluxbox - Windows key+l (or ALT+CTRL+Backspace)

Stage Fright!

I added the Android "Stage Fright" exploit and its dependencies as soon as it became available. Check the screenshot below,

Desktop Icons!

I have added iDesk for desktop icons in Fluxbox. You can access them from the menu Personalization->Customize WT6->Show Desktop Icons. Check out the screenshots below,


You can download the ISO update directly from my server,

ISO Image: (1.7GB) wt6.09.14.iso
MD5 Checksum: (49 Bytes) wt6.09.14.iso.md5


  1. Hi,
    I've been trying to boot weakerthan linux 6 from usb. Doing dd and rebooting gives no results (boots from first harddrive even though the usb is selected as first boot device), and using unetbootin leaves me after reboot with a flashing underscore that flashes forever.

    Any suggestions?


    1. Hi. Can I have a little more info? What is the exact command that you are using. Have you followed this guide? Have you tried other USB devices? Have you tried othwer computers?

      Sorry for all the questions, it takes some deduction to find hardware issues like these. I cannot replicate this issue here and it works for me on my devices and machines.


    2. Hi,
      after 2 days trying to boot different versions of weakerthan linux 6, I've finally found the solution! The usb storage I was using is broken. That was all. I tried with another one and it works flawlessly :) Sorry, I guess that comment of mine was unnecessary.

      Thanks anyway for the prompt reply.

    3. That's really good news, because I have been trying my devices here and even trying to search Google for solutions for 2 days! :S I am glad it's working!


    4. Keep in mind that some USB 3.0 devices have trouble booting too. It may not necessarily be corrupted. I've stuggled with this issue before.

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  3. Congrats Douglas, any idea of how to instal this on MacBook Air mid 2013 ?

    Thanks in advance

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. First resize the OSX volume on your harddisk using the disk utility program and make sure that you have a wired ethernet connection available. Then check your macbook model number, processor model (intel vs powerpc), and other hardware to make sure that you will have the appropriate drivers for the dvd, then burn the raw image on a dvd, add the firmware files for the drivers and boot using rEFInd (

      Of course it gets more complicated but there are people who have put Ubuntu on apple hardware, and I'm sure with some more Google searching you can find out how to :D

    3. Hello, thanks for your response. Well the problem that i faced after installation is i couldn't find the wireless driver and and problem with the trackpad was pain in ass any way i'll search about it and i hope to find a solution for the wireless driver.