Friday, December 18, 2015

WEAKERTHAN Linux 6 December (Final) Update

This will be the final version of Weakerthan Linux 6 as next year will be the debut of 7. Thank you all for your support over the last 6 months! This was an awesome project! The lack of updates in November is due solely to trying to finish up my very first course at WeakNet Academy, Assembly Programming (x86) with NASM, which I hope to be available in early January of next year, (next month).

This is the best Weakerthan Linux 6 to date. The tools have been updated, all requested tools were added, and the ISO is seemingly the same size as before!

Built-In Netflix Support!

Some UX changes to Weakerthan Linux 6

Mostly all changes are to applications this time around, but I did throw in a few UX changes as well.

  • Added a button to refresh the dock into the dock itself, so resizing the window/resolution issue is "resolved"
  • Changed Google-Chrome BETA (default browser) to Vivaldi browser as seen in the first screenshot above.
  • NETFLIX support! 
Download the ISO

ISO (2.1GB) - Download Here
MD5 (48 B) - Download Here



  1. Hey quick question, I tried to dd the iso but could not boot. What method do you suggest for burning the iso?

    1. I just tried unetbootin and now Im getting a flashing cursor.

    2. I don't recommend USB. I never have. I recommend virtualization or an installation from DVD because of how horrible Debian Jessie is with USB devices/UEFI/BIOS. There was a "last resort" method posted on Twitter: you can try that. Hope this helps, thanks.

    3. Why is not there torrent file

  2. how to adjust the brightness of the screen...? :3

  3. the download has failed twice for me help please i have a 100 mbps connection shouldnt be happening

  4. how where install WEAKERTHAN Linux 6 ?