Friday, April 8, 2016


I have made some updates to the WARCARRIER application and an official page for it here at home - WARCARRIER at WeakNet Labs. So take some time and read about why it was made and what it does if you into #infosec and #wifi. I also made a new HQ video demonstration on the new page but you will need a browser capable of HTML5 to play it or download it.

This seems to be a project that I just can't keep my hands off of of the past few years. This particular application uses the Airodump-NG 802.11 protocol analyzer's CSV output, GPSD's gpspipe, and Dragorn's spectools_raw for the Ubertooth One to create a paneled dashboard for Wardriving. I have written my own 802.11 protocol analyzer script in Perl and I wrote a tutorial on how to do it in C Programming, but Airodump-NG seems to be the accessible 802.11 wheel that doesn't need to be re-invented. Though, the Libpcap library for C is a beautiful tool for dissecting packets, so someday soon I'm sure I'll revisit the idea.


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