Monday, April 4, 2016

WEAKERTHAN LINUX 7 "Elite" Alpha Now Available!

This ISO release is in ALPHA phase of testing. This release is built from Debian Stretch (bleeding edge) which may cause some issues. I am currently working on the installer script so you cannot install this release from the menu yet. This is Linux version 4.3 i686 pae with FluxBox and top-heavy with information security, programming and reverse engineering tools. Well, it will be once completed.

I redid the UI completely and even made a new FluxBox theme. Hey! Check out the "Thank you" app I always put in the menu, it has the song "Resist" from my "Heterodyne" EP! :)

Please download it and run it in VMWare Player. If you find any errors (not missing tools, I am currently working on those and all of your requests), please let me know in the comments below or via email! weaknetlabs[at]gmail[dot]com Try the Google Drive ISO link first. It should have less issues and save some of my bandwidth!

ISO - Google Drive Mirror:
MD5 - Google Drive Mirror:

ISO - Local Host:
MD5 - Local Host:

Thank you!


  1. its look nice i will try it and teel you :* nice job broo

  2. I will try Douglas, and I think will be nice! As usual!

    1. Thank you! Let me know if you cannot DL it from Google Drive. I need to find a new good hosting solution.

  3. well googledrive is working and really good server i got fast speed for downloading from that...

    and waiting for tools!!

  4. good job, i'll try it and make a review!

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