Friday, July 1, 2016

Updating Weakerthan Linux 7


From this point on, you can update your base version of WT using my new tool found here: GitHUB - WeakNetLabs WT7-Updater. When I initially develop a new ISO, I intend to have it tested and simply ran along-side of your current OS either in VMWare or on a USB flash drive, at least until the development is finished, but I got a huge amount of requests via FB/Twitter/Google+/Email/etc for an updater script so I decided it was time to start writing one.


cd /tmp/ && git clone
cd wt7-updater

This tool will:
  • install the updater tool into /usr/local/sbin/
  • check the file /etc/wt-version, if not there create one with "7.0"
  • check the latest version on my server
  • then download any necessary updates after prompting the user

Screenshot: WT7-Updater tool updating WT7 from 7.1 to 7.5

Screenshot: After updating to 7.5, the installer will be available in the desktop menu.

What gets updated in 7.5?

The features list will be shown or each update attempt after update 7.5. in 7.5 you will get:
  • OS and all General Applications updated to latest version in Debain repositories
  • All penetration testing tools in /pwnt updated using their respective git repositories
  • Metasploit/All Ruby gems updated, including bundler
  • Grub2 gets updated and new splash screen, if this is not working, run vbeinfo from Grub2 to see your available resolutions.
  • New UI design updates/Thank You also updated
  • New tools added to the Penetration Testing and Reverse Engineering menus
  • OS tweaks for init scripts
  • Development cruft removal from FS
  • WBAR updated and stored on remote server for future updates

Screenshot: 7.5 Update to Grub2; image, theme, and 1024x768 resolution!

To see the full script that get's downloaded you can just download it here: Well, I hope you enjoy the update process and if you hit any snags PLEASE comment here, email me, or even make a ticket in GitHUB for the project (preferred) :)



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  2. Uhmmm... Can i install this on my computer and make it as like my default os?