Monday, July 11, 2016

WT7 Updater Stable

WT7 Updater Tool

The WeakerThan Linux 7 updater tool is now stable. I have even written a script that will download the latest version of the installer tool, install it into the desktop menu, and even run the first update after getting the user's consent. To run the script simply do the following from the command line:

[email protected]:~ # wget
[email protected]:~ # chmod +x
[email protected]:~ # ./

WT Update 7.6

This is is the largest tools update I have done thus far (including during ISO development!). Here is a list of some of the tools that get installed:
  • DynamoRIO -
  • DynStruct -
  • BURP Suite -
  • ExploitPack -
  • MimiKittenz -
  • Faraday -
  • EvilGrade -
  • Arachni -
  • PWNat -
  • Mallory -
  • SSLyze -
  • Go lang -
  • TLS Prober -
  • MetaGooFil -
  • PWN Tools -
  • Pyew -
  • Mass Scan -

The update also includes an OS (Debian) update, UI tweaks, and all tools in /pwnt/ are updated. The update tool will randomly change your desktop wallpaper, but this is just to show that the update has been applied and is not permanent. If you do anything to X, such as change resolution or restart it, your original wallpaper is returned. One part I really enjoy about development for WT is the art. The screenshot above and the wallpaper that comes with the WT-7.6 update was a (huge) poster image that I made. I have also updated the Thank you app and if you get a chance, check out the theme song I made in the app! It's the self-titled track from my CD "Unsolved Mysteries" :)

If you want anything added to future updates, please send me an email WeakNetLabs~[@]~Gmail and I will do my best to get it added. I want to finish writing Entify-PM the package manager that works with apt for InfoSec tools, and this is a big step in that direction.



  1. Very good Douglas! Thanks again!

  2. Awesome Douglas!
    but i have a problem what is default login "user & pass"

  3. nice work man keep it up!

  4. Looking great!

    I have a question about running this script (and all scripts that need internet access) over an SSH tunnel. Is this possible?