Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Weakerthan Linux 7 Update 7

Verion 7.7! This is a big update! In this new Update the following tools are added:

SMBCrunch, HashTag, Miranda-UPNP, DMitry, WOL-E, American Fuzzy Lop, WMI Ops, AD Enumerator, Faraday (Update), EyeWitness, and Egress-Assess

The UI and Debian OS will also be updated as well. Again, to use the WT7-Updater, please check out this post and full tutorial: http://www.weaknetlabs.com/2016/07/wt7-updater-stable.html I have made the process as simple as possible, and after the first run, you can simply run it from the desktop menu!



  1. Muito boa sua distro por favor coloque ela em torrent e coloquem sem ser beta logo! Estou afim de abandonar o kali

  2. Gostaria de ver rodando no Raspberry Pi

  3. How do we donate to you? Is there a paypal or a bitcoin adress? Or any other payment method.

    We really appreciate the tedious and hardwork your doing!

    I looked for a portal/link/page to be directed onto a donation page but couldn't find none.

    Anyways would not mind me supporting your project and what you have given us! Its just but a small payment, standing on giants shoulders.

    1. Thank you for the support and comments! I am not sure I can keep up much longer with these projects and am taking it day by day. So, I couldn't take a donation at this time in good conscience. I appreciate the offer though and thank you! :D