Wednesday, April 25, 2018

WeakNet LINUX Update #6 - HUGE

Updating Your VMs

This update could not have come at a sooner time! :) If you have an installed VM, I highly recommend deleting it from disk and start anew. I mean, that's the beauty of virtualization, amirite? But, some won't like that, and if you are one of those folks, just a warning - you may have to run the updater tool from the command line as so,


Thank you @Yas3r for the report on this issue. What I did was, retroactively went back through the previous updates, 1-5, and fixed some of the bugs there too. That's why I recommend doing this update from version 1. I have tested this update process, starting from 1 and going to 6, 4 times now and I have not hit any snags. If the OS updater tool that I made fails, it will not write the current version to your FS in /etc/wnl/version and thus can be executed again. This was done purposefully for those with unstable internet connections, etc.

Theme and UI Changes

The Theme was completely revamped for the UI. I structured it better and made things slightly smaller for screens with higher DPI. Alos, the bigger menu padding and window buttons accommodate touch screens a lot nicer. After running this update, you will also have to run, Desktop Menu->UI Config->Restart UI for the new UI to take effect. I am unsure how to do this programmatically using Fluxbox without killing it and couldn't find good documentation on it. Here is a close up image of the new Menu Theme,

You can click on any image above to view it in full size.

Change/Update Log

The updates include the following,
  • GetMalIPData (WeakNetLabs / GitHUB)
  • GoPhish Phishing Framework (GitHUB)
    • Startup script (WeakNetLabs)
  • Flasm
  • Random BUG fixes for dependencies
  • Binwalk
  • Radare2
  • Crunch
  • Vulners-Agent (GitHUB)
    • WeakNet Labs start-vulners script
  • VNC Viewer
  • IRSSI Startup Script
  • MITMF (GitHUB)
  • Removed menu referenece to "Bulk Extractor" as it is broken.
  • Credgrap_IE_EDGE PS1/Post exploitation script (GitHUB).
  • Frida (Reverse Engineering / Info Sec Tools) (PIP).
  • Credking (GitHUB)
  • tInfoLeak (GitHUB)
  • Bandit Python Secure Code Analysis Tool (PIP)
  • Slack Communication Tool (
  • UI updates
    • Icons
    • Theme
    • Pixmaps
    • Menu
    • Updated Power Management Application
  • HUGE amount of BUG fixes!!

Thank you for your Support

The amount and utility of resources that I pack into these updates is crucial to WeakNet LINUX's success. Now, with that being said, I need to hear from more of you all about new tools, tools that you use every day for Information Security related tasks, and UI/UX suggestions to keep this project on top and of the highest quality. I am currently working on a few other small projects in my GitHUB as well that I want to integrate into the distribution's updates, including tools that I use / require on a daily basis as an information security engineer.

I am only one single dude on this entire project and I have little free time lately. So, please, if you enjoy the project - be patient with me and consider writing reviews online or telling your colleagues and hacker friends where this distribution lies among the rest for penetration testing! The only thing I ask in return is simply spreading the word of this OS so we can gather even more feedback and build it even better in updates, ISO, or future releases!

I really want to make a new splash page for WeakNet LINUX and remove the downloads and pages from this web blog site as soon as I can. I will be hosting the pages myself and it will have a stronger, more professional presence with goals, missions, etc outlined in a much clearer manner. So, stay tuned to my FaceBook and Twitter feeds (can be found on the right nav bar here) if not already for those upcoming updates!