Friday, January 25, 2019

The Grimoire of Demonology

The Demon 😈

Well, WNL8 will be my final version of WeakNet LINUX- for a long time at least. This new project is built from XFCE and contains all of the same great tools (well, I am still building this out as you're reading this) as WeakNet LINUX.

You can skip the TL;DR and go right over to to grab a copy or read more about the distribution. As for the UI/Theme/Idea - I can't say that I wasn't inspired by the world's most beautiful car :)

The development process for Demon was staggering and trying. I almost about gave up on the project so many times while trying to move my arms fast enough to balance and maintain what I later learned was a house of cards. I honestly tried to attribute the plight to the name of the distribution; 😈. Choosing XFCE, Debian Stretch, the file manager, the theme, making customizations and altering items, all, was a painstaking process which required many hours of testing and development. I ditched window managers and started the project over at least 4 times before realizing that the Buster version of Debian itself was creating it's own problems.

In fact, a lot of issues even arose from the fact that we are in the middle of several releases of Python, all of which are required for the various InfoSec-related tools. Lots of popular frameworks and tools for InfoSec have a ton of dependencies and strange quirks for getting up and running. My job is to build them all out for you and have them ready so that you don't have to - you can just dive in and start hacking.

So, I have been thinking over moving away from WeakNet LINUX for a long while now and my brother gave me the inspiration when he mentioned that the UI/UX shouldn't be the learning curve for my users, no, it should be the information security and technical stuff. WeakNet LINUX was targeted at advanced Linux users. So, with that advice, I decided to offer the new UI/UX with a whole new look, feel, branding, and all for a new year, 2019. Something easy-on-the-eyes and easy to use. My favorite part of the UX is the WIN key to search :) It's so fast.

The Grimoire

I am currently studying for the world's hardest test and I have been using PWK,,, and as resources. This is very good advice for anyone interested in one day entering the field of information security/IT - as I am now constantly learning new things. I LOVE It's quite similar PWK labs from Offensive Security, but a lot less expensive, ~$100 annually, plus there are a lot of great things to do besides CTF/Boot to root/Penetration testing. On the right pane of this weblog you can see my badge and progress in the labs. It is updated in real time.

Anyways, with all of this said, I couldn't help but to take an actual tome of notes and my own scripts and code of my travels (notes go a long way) and I also couldn't help but to share them. So, I present my latest side-project, The Grimoire.

The Grimoire is a lot of things - a repository of specially crafted code for enumeration, digital forensics, and penetration testing. Oh, and did I mention a boat load of notes? Notes, notes, notes, and cheat sheets.

I truly feel that the only way I am going to beat this upcoming test is to stick to a strict methodology, a flow chart if you will, to which I can ensure that no step is missed during enumeration. This is my philosophy to the mantra, "try harder." Anyways, this repository can be used in any OS. I tried to list any dependency for any of the script that I made within the script itself as comments or notes. Just look at how committed I am to my notes,

Mentioned Resources

I am currently enveloped in the following mentioned resources,
  • Offensive Security - PWK
    • Hands-On Penetration Testing Labs 2.0 (Link)
    • Kali Linux Web App Pentesting Labs (Link)
    • Certified Wireless Security Professional (CWSP from CWNP) (Link)
  • (Link)

And I highly recommend all of them.

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