Saturday, August 24, 2019

Demon Linux Updated

It's Finally Here!

Demon Linux has finally been updated. I updated the UI/UX and built this image from scratch which includes,
  • New icons and a fresh new look
  • New tools and apps installed by default
  • New UI/UX features
  • Built from Debian Buster
  • New Linux Kernel
  • New menu and keyboard commands
  • Added hardware support
  • Updates to all system features, including VMWare installation tools and options.

The Demon Linux App Store is a brand new project that I integrated directly into the ISO. I have been thinking about this for as long time now and finally decided to put forth the effort to make the UX stand out above the rest. This is still new, though and still a WIP (hence the "BETA" language everywhere ...). Because this is still in BETA form, I highly recommend running the Demon App Store from the terminal to look out for any errors that may occur. /usr/local/sbin/

If you'd like to see any apps (that are not already available in the Debian repositories) added to The Demon Linux App Store, please let me know via email (weaknetlabs)at Gmail.

Demon Linux Installer

The installer was completely updated to use GRUB2, Debian Buster, let the user choose the kernel, and it's self maintained (will update before each run) as I have separated it into two parts.

Download Demon Linux

If you'd like to give my ISO a spin, please head over to the Demon Linux Official Site and download it for free. If you would only like to check out the included projects, you can get them from my GitHUB page,

Code repository for Demon Linux Installer
Code repository for Demon Linux App Store

Thank you, friends. I hope that you are all doing well.

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