Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Updates to WeakNet Labs' Software and Services

Demon Linux

Demon Linux has been updated to version 2.2. So head on over to and grab yourself a shiny new copy:

Here is an installation and setup video that I created that may help you along the way,


WeakNet.Academy has been updated. I now own the domain WeakNet.Academy and I plan to use it for free lessons that range from beginner to expert with cybersecurity as the main theme. So, "be kind, please subscribe" if you want to see frequent content.


IDQAT is very close to it's first revamp reveal. This is an identity finder tool. In fact, IDQAT (pronounced "ID cat") stands for Identity Query and Alert Tool. It is a client-server architect system. The server is called the "IDQAT Central Office". I have been using versioning tools to keep it safe from corruption this time around. The Discovery QATs (pronounced "discovery cats") are made with Python so that they are OS independent, and run on the endpoints and communicate to the Central Office via an HTTP(S) REST API that I designed. I love this product so far. If you can't tell, I like building and designing things for some reason.

Hrmm, I forgot to mention that this will be open sourced, free software :)

Pin Stack Smashing

So, I started a new show, called "Pin Stack Smashing" which is an entertainment show that surrounds picking locks. I act like a total ass and poke fun of lock picking, parody cult classic films and popular YouTubers, and well, TBH: the only serious episode I made was about the American Lock Co. lol If you are interested in the subject, even a little, go check it out my channel. Again, it's for entertainment purposes instead of educational.

Hey, if you end up liking the shows, channels, or software, then feel free to subscribe for updates- or at least click the "thumbs up" I would really appreciate it.



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