WeakNet Labs DEBIAN/APT INFOSEC Repository

WeakNet Labs #INFOSEC Repo

This repository was created to deliver information security-related packages from various online resources to WeakNet LINUX. This repository will be added to all versions of WeakNet LINUX via the updater-tool.

Please note: Most packages will be install in the /pwnt/ directory found in the root of your file system.

Add the Repo to WeakNet LINUX

Add my public GPG key:

wget -O - https://weaknetlabs.com/repos/apt/wnl/wnlrepo.gpg.key|apt-key add -

Add these lines into /etc/apt/sources.list:

# WeakNet LABS DEBIAN Repo
deb http://weaknetlabs.com/repos/apt/wnl caffeine main

FULL Package Listing

list generated with the following command:

for pkg in $(grep ^Package: /var/lib/apt/lists/weaknetlabs.com_repos_apt_wnl_dists_caffeine_*Packages|awk '{print $2}'|sort -u); do printf "<li>$pkg</li>\n"; done

  • byteforce
  • cewl
  • getmalipdata
  • pth-toolkit
  • ss-6271
  • seth

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