WeakNet LINUX 8 (x64)

WeakNet LINUX has officially taken the place of WeakerThan LINUX. This is version 8 and it is a 64bit ISO meant to be used in a virtual machine or USB/LIVE ISO environment. This is an information-security themed distribution that has been in development since 2010. The professional penetration testing LINUX distribution and package management system is built using the Debian LINUX system with the Fluxbox window manager and PCMANFM file manager. This is an advanced LINUX distribution.

The Default Credentials

!!! Please remember to change them as soon as possible !!!
  • username: root
  • password: weaknet

System requirements

  • At least 4GB RAM for the AUFS disk - if using live environment.
  • At least 30GB Disk space for a full installation - which includes running the updates.
  • 64bit processor - choose "2 processors" in the VMWare Workstation
  • Internet connection (for the updater tool)

Download VMWare Player Here:

Download VMWare Player 12.5.5 (64Bit Windows) version from my server: VMwarePlayer12.5.5.zip

Download the Microsoft File Checksum Integrity Verifier Here:

Please ensure that your downloaded ISO is safe to use by verifying the file's integrity using either the md5sum command from LINUX or the Microsoft File Checksum Integrity Verifier

Download ISO/MD5 Checksum

Download Beta ISO
Download Beta MD5


WeakerThan LINUX has been replaced by WeakNet LINUX as mentioned in the updates listed above. This ISO will remain here until the user-testing phase of WeakNet LINUX is completed.

Updating to the latest version

Please follow my instruction on how to get the latest and greatest updates! Here. And please, if you like the software, consider a donation! It helps my family! :)


These links bypass CloudFlare and go directly to my host, so there should not be any issues across the sea or via proxy. Download ISO (2.0GB)
Download MD5 (33k)

Download VMWare Player 12.5.5 (64Bit Windows) version from my server: VMwarePlayer12.5.5.zip

Installation Tutorial

A simple demonstration on installing WT6/7 with VMWare.

Above is a video demonstration that I made installing WT6 with VMWare Workstation Player, which is a free download, for my WeakNet Academy Course Material Setup.


  1. Already trying to download the ner version with VMWare, but it requires a login. Do you have the credentials?

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    2. Whoops. Thank you for the heads up, Devin. The credentials are root:weaknet -- I am putting them into the page now in bold/highlighted red. Thank you!

  2. Sincerely. This is an OS, well-targeted OS, with well-designed appearance. with well-designed view, with well-designed viewpoint. well-colorised. :)

  3. Would be a great if you made a arch based version.

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  5. Hello friend, I tried to install the WeakNet LINUX 8 (x64) system on my HD as main system but I did not install it gave you an error, could you explain me if I can install it on my HD

  6. hi can you explain how to install weaknet linux in USB

  7. please reply brother asap im waiting for your reply ....HOw to install WEAKNET LINUX 8 in USB with full persistence

  8. admin WEAKNET LINUX 8.. Possible to install AMD driver & SDK ???? please give me command

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  10. that is awesome are you still a life?

    from indo