What Are Game Cheats?

A PC game cheat is a series of keystrokes or button press combos that alter the state of your player. You input these using your keyboard when playing on PC (or with a controller).

Cheats are often activated by hitting a special key on the keyboard and typing in a certain combination, but some games require you to press certain button combinations or make selections from an on-screen menu. For example, when playing Fallout 4 , one of the most popular PC game cheats is to activate God Mode by pressing the tilde (~) key, typing in “tgm” and then hitting Enter. God Mode makes you immune to all damage, but it also prevents you from gaining experience points as enemies won’t drop any loot when you kill them.

Cheat Trainers

Cheats are pieces of hardware or software made to help players enter cheat codes for the game or otherwise modify its contents. Some popular examples are Game Shark, Code Breaker, and Action Replay.

Though using cheats is generally frowned upon in online gaming and could result in your account getting banned, most gamers use them at some point during their lifetime because they love playing games so much that there’s nothing better than being able to play with a few more powers then what you have by default without having to earn those powers through gameplay!

When you’re playing games for fun, that’s one thing. But when it comes time to play competitively or earn achievements, these power-ups can give you a huge advantage over your peers and make the game much easier than intended by its creator. That’s why most players are okay with using cheats in singleplayer, but draw the line at multiplayer cheating.

So How Safe Is It To Use Cheats?

Cheat codes are used by millions of gamers worldwide and, in general, they’re safe to use. Manually entering a cheat code while playing a game enables the player to activate certain effects (for example invincibility). But there are times you may want to be cautious when enabling these additional features that require downloading files because only the person who made it knows exactly what’s going on with your device or computer.

When you download a trainer from a website or whatever file format it’s available in, your computer will generally trust that you made the right choice by downloading it, unless you have an anti-virus installed That’s why it’s important to only download trainers from reliable PC game cheat websites like CheatHappens, or Wemod.

All is usually well but precautions should still be taken and you should always keep anti-virus on when downloading files like trainers, game patches, or other user-created tools.

Are There Any Risks In Using Cheats?

As with any other activity that requires the use of another person’s creation, there are sometimes risks involved. You never know what malicious code a programmer may have hidden in the software.

When using cheats, sometimes you may think you’re getting away with it, but little do you know that the trainer you are using could make your game unstable and prevent the game from saving. You could be playing a perfect save for hours or even days when suddenly the screen flashes blue and everything up to the last checkpoint is gone!

You might not care about losing progress in games today because they have so many checkpoints to keep track of how far along people are in their playthroughs these days . But back in the days of early PC games, if you wanted to take a break from playing, there was only one thing to do – save your progress and turn it off for the day. You had to start ALL over again if you died midway through a level.

That’s why some people feel that cheating takes away from the fun of the game. But let’s be honest here, who wants to spend days or even months trying to complete one mission that can be sped through in minutes when you have the right hack features enabled?

Hacking Weaker Games

On our new website we’re going to be covering hacking the latest games that are unable to stand up to penetration from our reverse engineering skills. Which games are you most interested in getting cheats for? Let us know below, and we will consider supporting them with our first cheat releases! We hope you are all enjoying your summer and looking forward to the big PC game releases this fall.