Ninja Security “Samurai Skills” Course

I recently had the honor to take the full Ninja Security Course for hacking. This was a huge effort on their part. The course is jam packed with instructional videos and slides!

I spend most of my hacking time behind the wheel of Aircrack-ng, so mostly all of this material was completely new to me. I learned more from the videos than I could have from any book. My brain seems to function much better when I am seeing hands on, how things actually work, so this course was perfect for me.

The above is a screenshot of the course, used without permission. In this section I was taught how to evade an IPS while performing advanced SQL injection attacks. A lot of what I do involves Coldfusion applications communicating to Oracle databases at my job. I can tell you, that any webapp or application programmer, specialist, or even security analyst can seriously benefit from this set of videos alone.

If you browse to the page that offers the course, you will see: that the price has recently changed since my last post about this course! It’s now cheaper! $750USD They have added all new videos and PDF files, AND you get a FREE subscription to hakin9 magazine, which isn’t cheap ($180USD+) and probably my personal favorite hacking magazine. They are also offering a full year’s worth of support and updates. This is a huge value. Updates means, updated tools and we all know that tools in infosec are constantly changing.

Even if you are new to the subject, this course would be perfect. It offers much more than all of the others and a complete, solid understanding of how real world penetration testing actually works. I am a huge fan of the Metasploit Project. The recent book published by David Kennedy on the subject was amazing to say the least. For some reason, I simply couldn’t find the time to actually dive straight into the project and test it as much as I could have. This course from Ninja Security teaches you, hands on from scratch how Metasploit is used on a professional level and gave me this missed opportunity.

I highly recommend this course to anyone looking to learn IT Security or advance their skill to the Samurai Level.

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